What our clients say

Some testimonials from our clients

Stewart McGregor at Ark sport has been very professional in my dealings with him. Stewart’s integrity and honesty stood out to me from our first meeting and I have found this to be a very accurate assessment in our dealings together. I would have no hesitation in recommending Stewart to any fellow professional looking for representation. 

Martin Canning

Martin Canning

“Can’t recommend Stewart and all the team at Ark Sport enough for the work they have done for me since I joined them.  They are a really clever and clued-up team that has always given me the best advice along with endless support and encouragement. The genuine care they have for each and every player they represent is what really sets them apart in a sport where that is not always the case. I’m looking forward to working with Ark Sport for years to come and can’t wait to see their continued success.”

David Mitchell

“Ark Sport under the leadership of Stewart Macgregor provide a unique and personable service to select football professionals underpinned by honesty , transparency and hard work, making them a niche agency in the world of football. Since being introduced to Stewart and his vision for how Ark Sport conduct themselves I had no hesitation in putting my trust in Stewart and his team by joining Ark Sport exclusively providing us the opportunity to work together holistically to develop the next stage of my professional career. I can’t recommend Stewart highly enough and look forward to my future under his guidance. .”

Darren Bowman

“Ark sport have been brilliant with me. From my first meeting with Stewart I bought into his plans and the way he conducts his business. It wasn’t long after I started speaking to Stewart I suffered a bad injury and knew I would be out of the game for a long time. It was then important I had support and reassurance I would get back to the level I had been at and ark sport definitely provided that. Ever since that they have been brilliant for me in the way they have negotiated contracts, not only financially but offering honest advice on what is best for my career.

Darren Brownlie
Partick Thistle 

“I first came across Ark sport after contact from the company director when I had around 6 months left in my contract. At this time I was still playing part time whilst balancing a demanding job. Nevertheless it has always been my dream to play full time football and this was something that Ark sport believed they could help out with. This transition from part time to full time football coincided with the Covid 19 pandemic making things more complicated than usual. However with the help and support of Ark sport we managed to stay in contact with a number of teams, have discussion and eventually find the right move for myself. Having support in a transfer from a independent third party is something I believe is very beneficial and I’m very grateful for the help I’ve had from Ark sport so far! “

Anton Dowds

Anton Dowds

“Wish I had met Stewart earlier on in my career. Honest, hard-working, and very experienced.”

Filipe Morais
Grimsby Town

“Ark sport look after me and have been fantastic in every aspect from contract negotiations to advice and direction couldnt ask for more.”

Kevin Harper

Kevin Harper
Hibs, Portsmouth, Stoke and Derby